NEWS | March 9, 2022

Completely overhauled hydraulic press available again

To create hexagonal blind-holes in our Econaxe discs up to DN300 we use a hydraulic press. To be ready for our new EV-i product line DN40 up to DN300 this press had to be modified to facilitate the option for multiple pressing programs. Unfortunately, the existing controller was not ready for this.


Holland Hydraulics

Together with supplier Holland Hydraulics, we overhauled the control system and the entire hydraulic package for this press. In addition, the press has been painted in a fresh color and is equipped with safety doors to meet actual machine guidelines. By touch display the correct program can now be selected in four steps to suit the disc that has to be machined. The press can be used immediately on the existing cutting dies package for Econaxe discs and when the cutting dies for EV-i discs are available (finishing touches are now being made to the design), these can also be cut.

We have also taken into account the possible expansion of the number of programs if one or more product lines would be added in future. The result is a future proof press, ready for years of operation.

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