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Manufacturers of butterfly valves can be found all over the world. However, at Wouter Witzel, we know what it means to be always there when you need us. With many years of experience, know-how and innovation, Wouter Witzel is capable the meet most stringent demands in the market. As a Dutch manufacturer of quality butterfly valves and actuators we offer a very wide standard product range. Besides that, being a producer enables us to react to specific customer wishes and come up with special solutions or improvements in the different markets.

Our constant monitoring of market developments allows us to always respond quickly to new demands. In close consultation with our customers we translate state of the art technology into innovative solutions. These match both the desired application and all other requirements.

Since 2005 we have been a largely independent subsidiary of international valve manufacturing group, AVK (Denmark). Synergy offered by the AVK group, enables us to reach more markets and to make use of even more specific valve manufacturing technologies. A continuous drive for innovation and dedication to high quality products, easily explains the central role of our in house engineering.

Being part of the AVK Group has allowed us to further optimize our international service. You can count on us even long after we have delivered our products to you. If you have any questions or problems we are always ready to listen and come up with effective solutions.

This is why we can make the statement:
always there when you need us!

  • Innovative butterfly valves for over 50 years

  • Best return of investment

  • Certicifates and approvals

  • 24/7 service

  • Dutch quality

  • Fully customisable

  • Suitable for many applications

  • Actuation and controls

Our broad
range of

Our broad range of products includes vulcanized bonded concentric butterfly valves, double offset butterfly valves, dual-plate check, actuation and controls. Wouter Witzel is able to offer customized solutions for almost every industrial application.

Thanks to our in-house manufacturing and assembly, our valves can always be equipped with the optimal actuator and controls. This is how we can guarantee the most efficient combination of valve, actuator and controls.



To implement the ongoing developments and improvements in design, materials and production methods for rubber-lined butterfly valves, we as a manufacturer have decided to modify the complete range of our existing and extended Eurovalve series accordingly. With our new “EV-i” series we will be able to comply to the latest international valve requirements and above all to further reduce the total cost of ownership.

1. ISO 5211 topflange

2. Anti-blowout

3. Hexagon Disc-shaft connection

4. Integrated bearing

5. Heavy duty:

Rubber lined, vulcanized to the body: vacuum proof, reliable and low operation torque, suitable for high frequency of operation.


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Our new valves
in the market

With the EV-Alu and the EV-F&B, Wouter Witzel introduces two great products to complete and extend our existing line of products. The EV-Alu is a Lightweight solution in aluminium, the EV-F&B is designed to fill in the needs in the Food & Beverage industry.

who chose us

AVK Vietnam

AVK Vietnam


Hoa Lien WTP is an important project in Central Vietnam region. This is the 1st stage of the project and features the construction of a spillway on the Cu De...
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Tragsa Grupo

Irrigation Canal Toro | Zamora Spain


The canal provides water to 4,000 hectares of land. AVK-Valvulas delivered Wouter Witzel EVUS DN2 000 double flanged butterfly valves with EPDM vulcanised liner and Duplex disc.

Doel Nuclear power plant

Nuclear power plant


This power plant is Belgium’s first commercial nuclear reactor which began operating in 1974. For this project Wouter Witzel supplied 408 pieces SF and EVF valves for the sea water...
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Vattenfall Mining & Generation


From 1996 Wouter Witzel supplied EVFS DN 50 - DN 1200 to Vattenfall Mining & Generation. The butterfly valves are used for a main ring pipe around the brown coal...
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The reactor 
Ol. 1 & 2 cooling water


In 2012 Wouter Witzel supplied butterfly valves for the reactor 
Ol. 1 & 2 cooling water lines for the Nuclear power plant TVO in Finland.

Brabant Water

Water pumping station ‘De Schijf’


Wouter Witzel Eurovalve has delivered their unique rubber lined butterfly valves in co-operation with AVK Nederland for water pumping station 'De Schijf' in the Netherlands. This pumping station for Water...
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Vitens Manderveen

EVFS double flanged butterfly valves


In close cooperation with AVK Netherlands, Wouter Witzel has delivered a hundred EVFS double flanged butterfly valves DN50 – DN700 with EPDM vulcanized liner and Duplex blades. The butterfly valves...
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Cable Layer 11500 | Seven Waves


We supplied various rubberlined butterfly valves, high performance dynaxe butterfly valves and pneumatic actuators in special executions. Class LRS.


Decommisioning vessel | Pioneering Spirit


For this project we delivered 224 Dynaxe High Performance valves for 16 hydraulic skids and 6 pieces Quick Drop butterfly valves DN2200 with an opening time within 3 seconds.

STX Europe

Cruise Vessel 100.000 Oasis of the Sea


We supplied rubberlined butterfly valves, Dynaxe high performance butterfly valves and pneumatic actuators to one of the biggest cruise ships in the world. Class DNV.

Frigstad Offshore

Semi Submergeble Drilling Rig D90


We supplied rubberlined butterfly valves, high performance dynaxe butterfly valves and pneumatic actuators in special executions. Class DNV.

United Utilities

Birkenhead Waste Water Treatment Works


AVK-UK & Wouter Witzel replacing DN800 & DN900 butterfly valves for Waste Water Treatment plant nearby Liverpool Birkenhead Waste Water Treatment Works is part of United Utilities’ Lower Mersey Project...
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La Naval

Dredging Vessel 78000 Christobal Colon


We supplied rubberlined butterfly valves, high performance dynaxe butterfly valves and hydraulic emerson actuators. Class BV.