The EV serie, Ready for the future

To implement the ongoing developments and improvements in design, materials and production methods for rubber-lined butterfly valves, we as a manufacturer have decided to modify the complete range of our existing and extended Eurovalve series accordingly. With our new “EV-i” series we will be able to comply to the latest international valve requirements and above all to further reduce the total cost of ownership.

1. ISO 5211 topflange

2. Anti-blowout

3. Hexagon Disc-shaft connection

4. Integrated bearing

5. Heavy duty:

Rubber lined, vulcanized to the body: vacuum proof, reliable and low operation torque, suitable for high frequency of operation


EV serie


  • Compliant to latest international standards, including actuator connection;
  • Pin-less shaft-to-disc connection for increased service reliability and less valve parts in contact with the medium;
  • Re-engineerd anti blow-out shaft for increased safety;
  • Re-engineered disc sealing profile and rubber thickness results in lower and even more reliable operating torques;
  • Wafer and semi-lug type for sizes 40 (1,5”) – 300 (12”) are combined in 1 body type and can be standard used for mounting to PN6/10/16 and CL150 flanges;
  • Standard Tagplate showing the marking and serial number.

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