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Reliability is vital for the industry segment. Processes that run 24 hours a day and where downtime has a huge impact both in terms of production and financially, requires the highest quality. Our in-house experts continuously translate our clients’ wishes into practical solutions that make use of high quality, affordable products. Due to our network of distributors and agents we can support you globally.

Wouter Witzel offers a wide and competetive range of valves

As a result, our butterfly valves can be found in installations covering drinking water production, desalination, waste water treatment, irrigation and water distribution. In addition for use as isolating valves, Wouter Witzel valves are also used for flow/pressure control. Many water companies and major companies specialising industrial water plant have become important partners with Wouter Witzel.


The drive toward automation of water treatment processes necessitates our products having increased durability and reliability. Our products become a key component in the total process automation. From traditional sand filtration to reverse osmosis (membrane filtration), disinfection with ozone, chloride or UV and water quality improvement by means of e.g. softening – for all these processes Wouter Witzel offers a wide and competetive range
of valves.

Many international quality and compliance certificates

Wouter Witzel butterfly valves have earned many
international quality and compliance certificates, especially in the drinking water market. These certificates serve as a guarantee that the materials are compliant with the local water inspectorates.

Wouter Witzel is preferred supplier of butterfly valves for many water treatment companies. Unique product features, dedicated staff as well as excellence in project management skills make our products and service suitable in all the process steps during the production and transport of potable water. Examples of these process steps:

Doel Nuclear power plant

Nuclear power plant


This power plant is Belgium’s first commercial nuclear reactor which began operating in 1974. For this project Wouter Witzel supplied 408 pieces SF and EVF valves for the sea water...
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Vattenfall Mining & Generation


From 1996 Wouter Witzel supplied EVFS DN 50 - DN 1200 to Vattenfall Mining & Generation. The butterfly valves are used for a main ring pipe around the brown coal...
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The reactor 
Ol. 1 & 2 cooling water


In 2012 Wouter Witzel supplied butterfly valves for the reactor 
Ol. 1 & 2 cooling water lines for the Nuclear power plant TVO in Finland.

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