Fire Fighting

When every second counts

When safety and reliability are the highest priority. Wouter Witzel has a complete programme up to size DN400 (16’’) FM approved butterfly valves. Industrial and commercial companies around the world rely on products and services that are FM Approved to protect their properties with firefighting systems. The FM APPROVED mark, which is backed by scientific research and testing, guarantees end-users the product complies to the highest standards.

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Our range of FM approved butterfly valves

Our range of FM approved butterfly valves fully comply to these requirements and are specific designed for heavy duty fire-water applications.

Typical markets for our FM approved butterfly valves:

  • Oil & Gas Industry:
  • Refineries and tank terminals
  • (Petro) Chemical industry
  • Building services:
  • Airports utility buildings
  • Power Plants

Our FM approved butterfly valves are suitable for heavy duty applications such as Firewater systems with:

  • Seawater
  • Foam
  • Chlorinated water
  • Stagnant and aggressive water (high chance of corrosion)
  • High flow velocity (up to 5 m/s is guaranteed) and vacuum proof
  • Low operation frequency (reliable low torque due to bonded rubber lining and disc design)