Making everything clear

We know that butterfly valves are an essential component of total process automation. From reverse osmosis, ultra filtration to disinfection with chemicals, ozone or UV, to brine disposal – for all these processes WWE offers a wide and affordable range of butterflyvalves. For the use of our products in potable water and industrial process water WWE has many international approvals. Mainly rubber lined valves are supplied up to size DN2200 (88’’) with EPDM lining, and (Super)Duplex or Halar coated disc material for high corrosion and chemical resistance.

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Because it’s robust

Because it’s robust, maintenance free design, our vulcanized liner concept and wide range of selected or specified materials our valves are use in:

  • (Sea)water inlet
  • Reverse osmosis (back-wash and cleaning of membranes)
  • Membrane filtration (ultra filtration)
  • Disinfection (chemicals, ozone or UV)
  • Pumping and booster stations (on/off valves and control valves)
  • Transmission pipelines
  • Storage and reservoirs (on/off valves and control valves)
  • Brine disposal